The Gecko Spot



Livefood UK, buy livefood and reptile accessories in the UK, excellent friendly service, excellent quality livefood, great prices and very reliable.

Seritech Silkworm Supplies, get silkworms and various other more unusual livefood here in the UK. A great nutritional source for your reptiles.


Discussion forums and sources of help

The Reptile File Forums, Discuss everything reptile for anything reptile friendly!

Irelands Reptile Community, A forum for hobbiest, breeders, reptile shops & anyone just plain interested in reptiles.

Livefood UK, this site contains a very active discussion forum and free classifieds.

Kingsnake Leopard Gecko Discussion Forum, this is a very active discussion forum- all about leopard geckos.

Kingsnake Rhacodactylus Discussion Forum, an active discussion forum- devoted to Rhacodactylus species of gecko (i.e. crested, gargoyle, chahoua geckos).

Kingsnake Gecko Discussion Forum, this is a general gecko discussion forum.

Kingsnake Herp Health Discussion Forum, this is a general herptile health discussion forum.

Kingsnake Forums, this page contains links to all the kingsnake forums, you're sure to find somewhere to ask your questions here.

Reptile Keeper Forums, a relatively quiet forum. This site also contains a very busy classifieds page, caresheets and information.



Livefood UK, buy reptile accessories and livefood in the UK. Excellent friendly service, excellent quality livefood, great prices and very reliable.


Clubs and societies

The Federation of British Herpetologists, The Federation of British Herpetologists exists to promote and support the responsible keeping of reptiles and amphibians by individuals in the UK.


Personal websites

Iguana Salad, Reptile blog for reptile by reptiles. by Steve, this site contains information on leopard geckos and includes a morph gallery.

Reptiles as Pets by Pippa.

Herp Cam by Rob Jenkins

Alan's snake and tarantula page by Alan

Goodwins Place by Craig, this site is still under construction, it will contain information regarding bearded dragons, chameleons and geckos and also some very nice multimedia.

Artists, Julie and Pat Rhodes Beautiful portraits of your pet reptile. Each drawing is highly detailed to capture every scale, marking and expression exactly. Excellent likeness guaranteed. Prices to suit your budget. No obligation to buy unless delighted!

Trish's pics by Trish, this site contains photos of Trish's pets.